Instagram Axes Millions of Accounts in Massive Purge


Instagram Axes Millions of Accounts in Massive Purge

Tonight, there's going to be a Purge...

Well last night anyway, as Instagram set about removing fake and dormant accounts across their service. The result was plenty of people waking up to significantly less followers. And we're talking Rapture levels here.

Majorly famous folks like Justin Bieber went down as much as 3.5 million in a few short hours - though that leaves him with over 20 million left so he's probably feeling ok about it. Regular users too have seen their followers tumble, with some hurling profanities at Instagram over the losses.

Which doesn't really make a lot of sense. The only accounts that have been closed are fake or ones that have been dormant for a long time. So these users weren't getting any engagment out of these followers, they were just numbers on a screen.

Overall, the cleanup process on Instagam resulted in the loss of over 18 million useless accounts, that's a significant chunk of its 300 million users. But shaking off those accounts should result in a better service for everyone, and maybe a few million more real fans for Bieber.

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