Instagram update makes web version cleaner and faster


Instagram update makes web version cleaner and faster

Instagram is getting a bit of a facelift, with the company updating the website version of your profile for the first time in a while.

The key here was to create a new site look that's cleaner and faster, and it looks like they've taken some cues from the mobile app version for their update. Images are now bigger than before - which is important seeing as they're the major component of any Instagram profile and it all looks a bit smoother and less cluttered.

So you'll find three big images across instead of five on web, and there's a lack of annoying borders around the place. It's all about making the pictures speak for themselves, and they most assuredly do.

Instagram has said that they're working on getting the update out to all 300 million plus users this week, and it looks like the users in our office have already got the new look.

So log on and check it out!

Instagram update makes web version cleaner and faster on
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