Instagram wants you back and is going to spam you with email


Instagram wants you back and is going to spam you with email

Have you checked email in the last few minutes? Don't adandon your social photo site, it needs your attention to survive!

In the case of Instagram, that's literally true - they've got a large following of people and a lot of companies who would like to serve ads to those people. But this model only works if users are online and browsing pretty much all the time.

So, the company is going to start sending out emails to try to draw you back in. These messages will show off highlights of images and engagement you missed while you were actually out doing things with your life, in the hope that you'll click and be back to browsing over filtered pictures of happy and attractive people very quickly.

It's the first time Instagram has put a measure like this in place, a specific all to action for its hundreds of millions of followers but it shouldn't really be seen as a sign the company is foundering. The Facebook owned service grew by almost a quarter in 2013 and is still getting bigger when take up on other social sites is slowing down. At the end of 2014, Instagram had over 400 million active users.

These Highlight emails are going to happen to you whether you like it or not, giving you a digest of what has happened during the time you dared not to have the app open.

The Instagram has you...

Instagram wants you back and is going to spam you with email on
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