Internet Set for 3 Billion Users by Year's End


Internet Set for 3 Billion Users by Year's End
Ain't no stopping it now...

The latest study on the market penetration of the internet has shown that as many as 3 billion people will have access to the service by the end of this year, which amounts to around 44% of the world's households.

The growth of the internet in the past few years has been nothing short of astronomical, and the study, which comes from the United Nation's International Telecommunications Union, has found that almost two thirds of the total users by December 2014 will be from developing nations.

To give you an idea of the continued ability for Internet growth, as things stand around 78% of homes in the developed world are connected to the web, whereas only 31% of households in developing countries have online access. As internet infrastructure improves, it's likely that we'll begin seeing more and more people within developing nations have access to the net, and given the sheer volume of bodies in those areas, growth should continue to accelerate quickly.

In addition to traditional internet, the year will end with about 7 billion active mobile subscriptions, close to one for every person on the planet. Again, this growth has been put down to the increased proliferation of mobile technology in the developing world.

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