iOS Hack Reveals True Power of the iPad


iOS Hack Reveals True Power of the iPad
Multitasking is most definitely possible on the tablet...

Despite the fact that Apple has yet to implement any kind of meaningful multitasking support on its iPad range, the devices seem to be more than up to the task, as displayed by a new hack available for Jailbroken devices. The hack, which is named OS Experience, shows how effortless the whole multitasking side of things can be for the iPad, effortlessly allowing users to display up to two apps together, at the same time, side by side on the screen.

It's a fantastic piece of work, and it's definitely something that needs to make its way to the full iPad experience sooner rather than later. Although the art of Jailbreaking is relatively straighforward if your device meets certain criteria, it's very much frowned upon by Apple, and could invalidate your warranty should anything go wrong with your device, so we're not going to give you any information or how to Jailbreak your device, or even where to find information that'll fill you in, however, should device to give it a go, then this is one app you really need to be checking out.

You can take a look at it in action below:

iOS Hack Reveals True Power of the iPad on
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