iPhone 6 Final Rumour Round Up


iPhone 6 Final Rumour Round Up

Apple's 2014 press briefing kicks off at 10am PDT on Tuesday the 9th of September - that means its going to be starting at 6pm Irish time.

For the first time ever, Apple will be streaming the entire event officially so you can watch the annoucements as they happen, head here to view it.

As ever with a launch this big, the leaks have been coming thick and fast, especially with the rabid interest from Apple fans. The sheer number of similar leaks have already given us a broad overview of what to expect from the event, beamed live from the Fint Centre for the Performing Arts in Cupertino.


By the end of the day, we'll have heard about two new versions of the iPhone. 2013 saw the release of two different versions for the first time - the 5S and 5C - but this year things are set to be even more distinct. It's generally agreed that we're going to get a 4.7 inch version called the iPhone 6 and a larger 5.5 inch version potentially called the iPhone 6L or iPhone 6 Air. There's even a chance it could be called the iPhone 6 Plus, which isn't the greatest moniker.

That's a big move for the company, which hasn't significantly increased the size of its handsets in years. The last generation featured a 4 inch display that was clear and crisp but clearly lagged behind the rest of the industry. Screen resolution is expected to be as high as 828x1472, for a ppi of 359 for the smaller phone and 307 for the larger. Either way, a very sharp screen.

Another big change might be in the phone's styling - with edges that taper to a curve,rather than the straight edges of the last couple of years' models. The power buttton could also move from the top to the right hand side, something many of Apple's competitors already use.

Other specs could include NFC for the first time - something which could soon be immensely important for one touch payments. And you might be able to buy an iPhone with 128GB of storage. For those who listen to a LOT of music.

iOS 8 will be on board, that's a given as the company is also going to be talking up the operating system during this conference. Extra features could include proper split screen multi-tasking, something which would be most useful on the 5.5 inch variant.

Just as interesting are the rumours surrounding Apple's first wearable. The iWatch would seem like a given at this stage, with every other tech company milling out wearables right, left and centre. Information has been slow to leak but it seems the device could come with a flexible screen and with two different size options.

The iWatch will likely have NFC functionality (which seems like a great way to implement contactless payments into your day). Apple is promising a full day of battery life and access to the App store, though the iWatch isn't likely to actually launch until early 2015.

With the sheer number of leaks what we're most hoping for now is an announcement that hasn't been heavily spoiled - either a completely different kind of wearable or a software feature that truly blows us away. As it stands, at least three new products from Apple is happy thing for fans and will help to keep a healthy sense of competition among the top brass of the tech world.

Watch the live stream of the press conference right here - starting at 6pm Irish time on Friday the 9th of September 2014.

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