iPhone 6 Leak - Sapphire Glass Front Cover Tested to the Max in New Video


iPhone 6 Leak - Sapphire Glass Front Cover Tested to the Max in New Video

Apple hasn't been the best company for keeping secrets in the past, arguably some leaks actually help to bring more attention to an upcoming product launch, but things are starting really early for the iPhone 6.

We've been hearing rumours and specs on possibly two models to come in 2014, the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display and a larger 5.5 inch handset potentially dubbed the iPhone Air. And there's plenty of info to support these sizes, including leaks of the front panels which gives us a great idea of dimensions and one handed functionality.

Now YouTube chap Marques Brownlee claims to have gotten his hands on one of these front panels and waxes lyrically about the material its made of, apparently dubbed Sapphire. He talks about colour fidelity and toughness, then later really goes to town to see if he can damage it.

Check it out.

That's pretty impressive stuff. As he says, the material has been used before by Apple but its also used in aeronautics, lasers and other cool stuff - they even make the viewports in aerial drones out of it because the image remains clear even under stress.

So its really strong, really clear and (another point that's important to Apple) a really premium piece of kit. The iPhone 6 is looking like the biggest change of pace for the company in years.

The iPhone 6 could street in mid September with the iPhone Air due later in 2014.

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