iPhone 6 Set to Move Power Button Placement?


iPhone 6 Set to Move Power Button Placement?
Latest report suggests iPhone 6 may see some big changes aesthetically...

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumour. The latest news surrounding Apple's next smartphone suggests that the company is set to make some big changes to the aesthetics and layout of the device, which would be the first of their kind since the range debuted with the original iPhone in 2007.

According to the reports, Apple is set to move the handset's power button from its iconic location at the top of the device to the side in order to allow for a bigger screen, which is said to be 4.7 inches rather than the 4 inches of the current generation's display.

The leak apparently comes from one of Apple's handset manufacturing plants, with a Foxconn employee allegedly passing the information along to Chinese website Wei Feng.

It is widely expected that Apple will announce its next generation iPhone in August or September, with the device going on sale shortly afterwards. Given the fact that most premium smartphones these days come with at least a 4.5 inch screen, the bulk of the speculation surrounding this latest device is that the screen size will see a dramatic increase over its predecessors. The iPhone 5, 5S and 5C currently boast a display of 4 inches, while all previous models featured a 3.5 inch display.

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