iPhone 6 users complain of hair pulling


iPhone 6 users complain of hair pulling

No, people are not being mean to iPhone 6 users. Instead, it appears as though handsets are turning on their owners and pulling their hair.

As if reports of bending wasn’t enough, the iPhone 6 is reportedly catching hair from peoples’ heads and beards. Apparently, hairs are getting stuck in the fine seam between the glass and the aluminium case.

An anonymous user wrote, in a community post on 9to5mac, “I’m concerned about my iPhone 6 Plus, keeps yanking out my hair when I’m making a call.” Users have also taken to Twitter to voice their woes. Using the hashtag, #hairgate, iPhone 6 owners are telling their own stories of their hair getting caught in the device.

Apple is yet to comment on the most recent issue to have befallen its new handset. The company did take its time with its response to the “bendgate” issue, when it said that it had only received a handful of complaints and that with “normal use” a bend in the iPhone should be “extremely rare.”

After the bending issues of the iPhone 6 and the slow uptake of iOS 8, another issue is the last thing that Apple needs. The company is set to launch a range of new products, including a new iPad Air, later this month and would have preferred to have all its focus on the future.

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