iPhone 6c could be waterproof


iPhone 6c could be waterproof

The rumour mill is already churning for the next generation of iPhones, and it could be quite a departure.

We've already been hearing that Apple could go back to a model with a 4 inch screen, and that this handset could be called the iPhone 6c. That implies a lower price point and the smartphone will be all about capturing the mid to lower end of the market which has become increasingly important in recent years.

The latest news suggests that the 2016 handsets from Apple could also come with some kind of waterproofing - a first for the company and an aspect which has been tested by several other brands over the last number of years. Honestly we're not sure that the average user has much use for that kind of functionality, but it is a nice feature to use while demoing your phone. We're expecting them to have a lot of fun on stage with it.

Other whispers include the possibility of the handset sporting an A9 processor and 2 gigs of RAM, as well as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. And there is also a suggestion that the 6c could be shown off as early as April 2016, with a launch in the middle of the year.

Expect plenty more news on the iPhone 6c in 2016.

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