iPhone 7 could have big camera bump


iPhone 7 could have big camera bump

The iPhone 7 will probably be revealed in September 2016, at least if Apple sticks to their regular schedule, so there are still some weeks to wait for official word. That hasn't stopped the leaks from coming though.

The latest claims to show a real world photo of a more or less final device, which lets us see how the design is going to change, and also how some things stay the same. Steve Hemmerstoffer (who has leaked reliable Apple info in the past) has the images over on this French site.

Here's how it's looking.

Mostly, it looks like an iPhone 6S with similar lines and a larger hole for the camera. None of that is particularly surprising but a schematic was also shared which gives us a lot more information. Check it out below.

This image shows that Apple has had to make some design changes to fit in the larger camera, and it has resulted in a bit of a camera protusion. We're actually ok with cameras adding a little bulk to the back of devices, especially if it comes witha bump in image quality or speed, and if you're using a case it won't really make a difference to your everyday life.

Still, some folks really don't like having that extra camera bulge but it if does come to pass you can pretty much expect the iPhone 7 camera to blow us all away. We're also hearing that the iPhone 7 Plus will come with two camera lenses - those smartphone photography wars aren't over yet!

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