iPhone 7 Plus images leak- changes coming


iPhone 7 Plus images leak- changes coming

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will more than likely be revealed in September 2016 and set the world alight, as is the way of things when it comes to new Apple products.

We've been hearing all kinds of things about this latest generation of handsets, including the possible removal of the headphone jack and plenty of rumours about changes to the camera set up. Now we've got new leaked images of the iPhone 7 Plus, or at least that's what the tipster is saying.

The images first popped up on Weibo and GSM Arena grabbed them. We're looking at the larger screen iPhone from a couple of different angles, which reveals a lot of information.

So it seems that there's no mute switch on this version of the phone, and we're seeing more evidence of the dual camera setup which should make a real difference to your snaps. Those three small holes at the bottom of the device could be a connector for accessories like a keyboard or even fancier charging cases.

These features have all been rumoured before and suggest that this might even be the Pro version of the iPhone 7, so there might be three models overall launching later this year. Of course it could also be a fake cleverly made up from the rumours released to date, with the Apple logo in particular looking a bit bit odd. We'll have to wait for official word to find out.

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