iPhone 7 wont ship with Lightning earpods


iPhone 7 wont ship with Lightning earpods

It's time for another iPhone 7 rumour, and this one is pretty interesting.

We've been hearing for awhile that Apple might ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of just a lightning connector - presumably to make the device even thinner and also annoy lots of fans.

Now Makotara has a new take on this possibility, suggesting that the phone will indeed lack a 3.5mm jack but that the headphones in the box sport the connector.

That's right - your new EarPods could be the same as ever but they won't fit into your phone. Now the rumour is that Apple is combating the issue by including a 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor in the box, so you'll be able to listen to music at launch.

In some ways this makes sense - it means the Earpods will remain compatible with the rest of your devices should you wish to use them (they're pretty high quality phones after all) and also ensures that you'll have the adaptor if you want to use your own set. That's all positive, but it still doesn't get around the fact that folks will need to modify their earphones with a tiny piece of tech in order to listen o their favourite tunes.

This is all rumour for now, expect concrete news by September 2016.

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