iPhone 8 could have a 3D camera


iPhone 8 could have a 3D camera

The iPhone 7 has only just been released, but already the work has begun on the iPhone 8.

Apple will likely release this model in September 2017 and it's going to be yet another huge seller for the company. With that amount of interest, it's no surprise that the rumour mill is already starting to grind out whispers about its potential specs.

The latests suggests that the iPhone 8 could come with a revolutionary camera capable of taking 3D snaps. Apple is reportedly working with an LG splinter group called Innotek to bring a dual camera set up to the new phone that could create images with an extra dimension.

Quite what it will do remains a mystery. The iPhone 7 Plus already had two cameras which made for an additional zoom and wider lens, as well as remapping the focus point after shooting. It's likely a new system could allow people to map objects in real life to make 3D models and a whole lot more.

Of course this is total speculation for now, but Apple will want to have a major feature set for their next iPhone, with little to get excited about in this years model.

More as we get it.

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