iPhone dropped into the sea records its watery ordeal


iPhone dropped into the sea records its watery ordeal

A Spanish holiday. Sun, sea and boaty frolicks and then, tragedy strikes.

Holiday-er Gregory Papadin was folling around with his iPhone in a waterproof case when he decided to toss it to his brother. That throw didn't work out so well but thankfully the phone was still recording video and managed to grab the whole event. Which Greg naturally uploaded for the internet to see, on top of geting it monitised because he's no fool.

There are a couple of heroes here, not least the ships captain who had the puff to dive deep for the phone after the bronzed fellows flounded about in the shallows for awhile. But it's also a great bit of advertising for the Lifeproof case which Greg was using at the time of the accident.

He confirms which case it was in the comments on YouTube and it isn't long before Lifeproof themselves get in on the action, asking for permission to use the video on their own social media. He didn't reply directly by the license owner did so it looks like Jukin Media and Greg are going to make some cash out of his slip up. The video already has nearly 100,000 views.

You can check out the Lifeproof cases here - apparently they work pretty well!

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