Irish company Drop teams with Bosch to make meals magically


Irish company Drop teams with Bosch to make meals magically

Drop is an Irish start up which introduced the very slick smart scales last year and now they've got an even bigger deal on the way.

They've teamed with Bosch to integrate their smart kitchen OS to make mealtimes easier. It sounds pretty slick- basically you'll be able to integrate the Drop smart recipe book with some Bosch smart systems.

That means being able to follow the steps with Drop and have your Bosch oven automatically turn on and get to the right temperature while you're focusing on getting the ingredients together, for example.

"We're excited to officially announce that we are partnering with Bosch to truly make the connected kitchen a reality for everyone," said Ben Harris, CEO of Drop.

"Imagine your blender knowing how much of an ingredient you need to add to get the right proportions for your favorite smoothie, or your oven preheating at the right time for the recipe you are making and turning off when your food is ready, or even being able to filter your recipes by what you have in your smart fridge. These ideas no longer seem fantastical. Your kitchen will be smarter, and we are excited to announce Bosch as our first partner and take this giant leap forward to being the Kitchen platform."

It's a great idea and it sounds like just the beginning for Drop, with plans for other partnerships and deeper integration on the way.

Irish company Drop teams with Bosch to make meals magically on
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