Irish Euro 2016 games to be shot in VR


Irish Euro 2016 games to be shot in VR

UEFA has confirmed that they will be recording some matches from the upcoming Euro 2016 finals in France in 360 degree video.

Nokia's OZO cameras will be used to capture video from all angles during a selection of games, including matches featuring the Republic of Ireland, Wales and England.

This will be the first major football tournament to use the technology, with the hope being to capture more in the future to allow fans from all over the world to feel like they are really there.

The cameras will appear around the pitch and also in the dressing room and tunnels, and this will be the first time the system is set up to broadcast live, rather than being uploaded later.

It sounds like the footage will be made available through a dedicated YouTube channel and we'll have more details ahead of the June 2016 launch.

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