Irish iWatch trademark holder plans to make Android smartwatch


Irish iWatch trademark holder plans to make Android smartwatch

The Irish-based iWatch trademark holder has no intention of giving up the name and instead plans to develop a smartwatch of his own.

Daniele Di Salvo, who currently runs Probendi in Athlone, said that he does not plan to abandon the trademarked name. Speaking with the Irish Independent, he said, “I am not considering giving this name up. I have a working product that uses this name. Why would I give it up?" He is reportedly sourcing manufacturing partners in China to make an Android-based smartwatch.

Di Salvo registered the iWatch trademark throughout Europe in 2008. He maintains that he was not attempting to beat Apple to the punch. “The name was simple for me; the 'i' stands for me and the 'watch' is a verb, to watch,” he explained. “It is a communications system."

While Apple is known for putting an i before a product’s name, this is not the first time that it has deviated from its naming principle. Apple TV came to be due to objections from the UK broadcaster iTV, and it recently announced Apple Pay as a result of several services already using the iPay name.

Di Salvo did not make any comment as to whether he is in discussions with Apple over the future of the iWatch brand name. Apple has not made any comment on the matter so far.

Irish iWatch trademark holder plans to make Android smartwatch on
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