Irish language Snapchat filters are on the way


Irish language Snapchat filters are on the way

Snapchat is about to get a very cool new feature, Irish language filters!

This new addition will be geolocated so turning it on will automatically say where you are, with a unique on for each of the 32 counties! Conradh na Gaeilge is discussing the initiative with Snapchat and they're looking for your help to create the unique filter.

You can submit your design for what you think the filter for each county should look like, but make sure it's entirely your own work. Orlaith Nic Ghearailt has some more tips:

"Try to make your Geofilter stand out by including your own original artwork alongside the county name in Irish and whatever you feel makes your county special."

There's info right over here for the Gaelsnap competition, including the fact that it must be in PNG format, under 300 kilobytes in size and at 1080 x 1920 pixels. You can also grab a Snapchat template over there.

The closing date is August 19th so get creating!

Irish language Snapchat filters are on the way on
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