Irishman climbs 75 metre tree while recording 360-degree video


Irishman climbs 75 metre tree while recording 360-degree video

Ever wanted to climb a 75 metre tree without a rope? Well, here's the next best thing, which you can enjoy, if that's the right word, from the comfort of solid ground.

Irishman Allan Dixon climbed a 75 metre-high tree in Pemberton, West Australia using the metal pegs that jut out from the tree's trunk. He recorded the whole endeavour in 360-degree video so you can feel like you're there with him - only without the fear of falling and breaking every bone in your body.

Provided you view the video through a supported browser or YouTube's smartphone app, you can look around the whole view by clicking and dragging or moving your smartphone around.

360-degree videos are starting to crop up more and Dixon appears to want to be at the forefront of the movement. "360-degree videos are still such a niche market, and in the last five months I've tried picking it up. I've been filming for the last 10 years, but now I basically just want to create the most amazing 360 content out there," he told Mashable.

Of course, no matter how nervous you were watching the video, you'll always be outdone by the Irish mammy. "My mother nearly had a heart attack when she saw the video," he said.

Irishman climbs 75 metre tree while recording 360-degree video on
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