Is Microsoft Ready to Unveil Surface Pro 3?


Is Microsoft Ready to Unveil Surface Pro 3?
Hint comes from Microsoft support page...

We previously reported that Microsoft was set to hold an event next week where it'll most likely give the world the first glimpse of a mini version of its Surface tablet, however a curious posting on a Microsoft support page this week has raised suspicions that a brand new, full-sized Surface Pro could also be unveiled at the event.

As you can see on the support page in question, Microsoft clearly mentions a "Surface Pro 3 camera", and despite the posting being widely reported at this stage, the company has taken no action to either remove the page or the reference to the unannounced hardware.It's true that it might simply be an error, but if there's more to it, we could be set for a bigger event than we had previously expected next week.

The original versions of Microsoft's Surface hardly set the world alight in terms of commercial performance, but the launch of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 last year went a long way to addressing many of the issues that existed with their predecessors in terms of marketing and overall corporate message.

Whether a third iteration so soon after the other two is a good idea, however, is definitely up for debate. While companies like to get a new hardware revision out annually, it might be better for Microsoft to make another concerted effort to raise awareness about the Surface range, particularly the benefits it has over the likes of Apple's iPad, instead of rushing another device to market.

For that reason, we're going to stick our necks out on the line and write this rumour off as nothing more than a simple administrative error on the part of Microsoft's web team.

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