Is OnePlus About to Disrupt the Smartphone Market?


Is OnePlus About to Disrupt the Smartphone Market?
"Flagship Killer" on the way...

Just as Google did with LG when the Nexus 4 was released back in 2012, it looks like little known company OnePlus is about to turn the smartphone market on its head by delivering a powerhouse handset for an incredibly low price in the coming months.

The OnePlus One is a smartphone that'll, quite simply, blow your pants off. Featuring a 5.5" 1080p screen, Snapdrawon 801 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, a 13MP rear facing camera with Sony optics that's able to capture 4K video, a 5MP front facer, monstrous 3,100mAh battery and global LTE compatibility, this is a premium device in every single way... except for the price.

Following Google's pricing scheme, OnePlus will launch the One in two flavours. The first, a 16GB silk white model, will be availble for just US$299, with the second, a sandstone black model, doubling on-board storage and costing US$349.

Even more interestingly, the device will ship with the Android powered CyanogenMod operating system, which offers an incredible level of customization for users, without any space-wasting bloatware.

Although there's no microSD port to allow users to expand their storage space, and the battery isn't replacable, that's one heck of a deal for the price. You can find out more about the OnePlus One over at the company's official website.

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