Jacks Pot Slot Review


Jacks Pot Slot Review

The slot machine’s come a long, long way since it was first invented in California at the end of the 19th century. Nothing accelerated this transformation more than when online gaming really started to take off and whole new ways of designing games became possible.

Not only did this open the doors to far more sophisticated ways to play the games, it also encouraged game designers to use a far wider range of characters and themes and make the games more immersive than ever before.

In doing this they also started to introduce many of the design principles more usually found in video games – ideas like sound effects and dazzling video effects, not to mention a story or narrative that runs through the slot.

This has helped to give many games a real and unique personality designed to appeal to a particular type of player. One of the biggest hits of recent times that includes all these features is Jack’s Pot Slot which is a recent new game release from 888casino.

As the title suggests, the star of the game is Jack who is responsible for a magical underground mine whose walls are encrusted with precious crystals. He’s a quirky character with a mop of bright red hair and he’ll be by your side as you work your way through your game.

The five reels with three rows mean there are no less than twenty-five possible pay lines. The crystals on the reels, which are orange, purple, red, blue and green, are the highest-value symbols to look out for while lower value symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A.

If your luck’s in you’ll find yourself with the “wild” feature which is triggered when three or more of the crystal-studded rocks appear accompanied by a miner’s drill. This is your chance to liberate the Crystal Rock Bonus. When you do, you’ll find yourself with a choice of six rocks to crack with the drill and depending on which one you choose the reward will be anything from 8 to 10 free spins.

There’s also a Crystal Jackpot that is progressive and can appear just when you’re least expecting it. When it does turn up you have the choice of four differently-coloured gems. Simply pick one and your prize will be revealed. One tip to remember is that, even though the Crystal Jackpot’s randomly generated, you can increase the odds of it appearing by raising the stakes that you’re playing with.

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