Jelly Bean Still Tops Android Distribution Pile


Jelly Bean Still Tops Android Distribution Pile
More than half of all Android users on Jellybean, but Kit Kat numbers are rising...

In the latest Android distribution figures released this week Jelly Bean remains far and away the most popular flavour of the operating system to date, but newcomer Kit Kat is showing signs of steady growth already, almost doubling its market share from the previous month.

With a total of 61.4% of all active Android users right now across its three builds (4.1, 4.2 and 4.3), Jelly Bean looks like the one to catch, but with newer devices featuring the Kit Kat build of the OS it's likely that those figures will start to dwindle in the near future. Second place in the rankings is the ageing Gingerbread with a curious 17.8%, while third position goes toIce Cream Sandwich, which still boasts an impressive share of 14.4%.

Kit Kat (5.3%) edges out Froyo's 1.1% comfortably and it's likely thatit'll pass Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future, unless Google surprises everyone with another new version any time soon.

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