Kobo's New E-reader is Waterproof - Perfect for Reading in the Bath!


Kobo's New E-reader is Waterproof - Perfect for Reading in the Bath!

Personally I like nothing better than having a nice, long candle-lit bath while reading a few pages of a decent book. It's a great way to relax (add some lavender oil for extra niceness) with only one real downfall - potentially damp books should you have a slip.

Waterproof cases for your Kindle do exist, you can even just throw it into a ziplock bag, but it's hardly an elegant solution. Kobo has a better idea - just make the device itself waterproof!

The Kobo Aura H20 is the first e-reader that's fully waterproof and rated to survive a 30 minute dunking at a depth of 1 meter. That doesn't really mean its designed for use at the bottom of the pool (which would be pretty silly), its more about giving you a little extra piece of mind.

So a splash or two won't cause a problem and the steam of a bath isn't going to create permanent damage. And if the worst does happen and you manage to drop it in the bath for a moment or two, a quick dry with the included cloth will see it back at its best. Just maybe smelling a little more like Lavender.

The Aura's other specs are impressive - a 6.8 inch touch screen that's visible in any kind of light and has a super high resolution of 1430 x 1080 and a dpi of 265. That's the sharpest e-reader currently around. 4 gigs of onboard storage can be supplemented with micro SD up to 32 gigs and the battery can last up to a massive 2 months between charges.

The Kobo Auro H20 is available soon for €180. More info here.

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