Latest Android OS only on 7.5 percent of phones


Latest Android OS only on 7.5 percent of phones

Android Marshmallow launched in October 2015, promising refinements and new features, particularly around battery life. And six months later, its still struggling to be accepted by users.

The latest report from Android Developers details the percentage of handsets which are currently using the various operating systems and have recently logged onto the Google Play Store, and Marshmallow has just 7.5 percent of the share.

Now if we were talking about the latest Apple operating system that would seem like a fault with users not upgrading their handsets but it's more complicated when it comes to Android - mostly because it's down to the device manufacturer to actually offer the update.

So while Google native devices from the Nexus range got Marshmallow at launch, there are still major handsets which haven't even had the chance to update. And if your phone is more than a year old you can pretty much forget about being upgraded.

It's hardly surprising then that Lollipop still has more than 35 percent of handsets and KitKat over 32 percent. Even Jelly Bean at almost three years old has almost three times the install base of Marshmallow.

And there's not a lot to be done, other than hassle your phone maker into making the files available for download, and even then there's little incentive for older handsets.

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