Latest Sales Figures Show iPhone Resurgence


Latest Sales Figures Show iPhone Resurgence
Improved last quarter sales a boost for Apple

Apple's iPhone showed improved sales figures in the last quarter, but the device still lags behind the overall global Android sales according to the latest industry figures from Kantar Worlpanel.

The biggest improvements came in Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Spain, with Japan seeing an impressive jump from 49% of total sales for the same quarter last year to 57.6% this year, ahead of Android figures of 41.5%.

Globally, however, Android remains dominant, with a staggering 70.7% market share across Europe combined last quarter, with the iPhone managing a much smaller 19.2% and Windows Phone devices up from 6.5% to 8.1%, although still struggling to capture the imagination of the smartphone buying public.

Figures from North America show Apple slipping from 43.7% to 35.9%, while Android increased its market share from 49.3% to 57.6%.

While it's only to be expected that Android would dominate these figures given the sheer amount of handsets launched with the operating system, Apple will no doubt be a little concerned that its grip on the market is fading, and will likely be very reliant on the next generation of iPhone proving to be its most successful yet - and given the perceived lack of technical progress with each passing iteration, that may be easier said than done.

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