Leaked iPhone 7 Plus case confirms dual cameras?


Leaked iPhone 7 Plus case confirms dual cameras?

It's certain that at least two new iPhones will release this year, likely called the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

But with a release date as far away as September, we still don't have any concrete details. However, as that time approaches other companies will be slowly informed of the specs of the new handsets so they can produce the millions of accessories which consumers will demand.

One reliable source of leaks comes from cases, mostly because they reveal a good deal of the shape of the handsets and their various gizmos. And the latest case leak picked up by 9to5 Mac is one of the most detailed yet.

We're hearing that the iPhone 7 Plus will sport dual cameras on the rear, something which it won't share with the smaller and cheaper model. It also appears to have a smart connector on the phone and no regular headphone jack.

The lack of a headphone jack will certainly be an annoyance for some (instead a USB-C connector will be needed, and adaptors are available) but the big news here is the dual cameras. Using them just on the Plus version put this model much further out in front of the regular version of the iPhone.

It's nor known how the new cameras could be used. The Huawei P9 has two sensors - one for detail and the other for colours - and has been noted to have strong picture quality. On the other hand the LG G5 has a second wider lens for capturing more of the image, and affording an extra level of zoom in both directions.

A wider frame is a likely use given the placement of the lenses and superior image quality is clearly the game.

More as we get it.

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