LG G Flex 2 Announced at CES 2015


LG G Flex 2 Announced at CES 2015

CES Las Vegas 2015 is in full swing, which means plenty of annoucements from all the big players over the coming days.

One company who got in there right at the off is LG, premiering their all new G Flex 2 smartphone. It's a follow on from 2013's original which was their first to incorprate a flexible display and started the real conversation about making smartphones look like they've ben taking yoga.

For the LG G Flex 2, the company has made some changes, including bringing the screen size down from 6 inches to 5.5 while also upping the resolution to a full 1080p. The curve itself has also been made more subtle, giving a more natural feel in the hand and bringing the mouthpiece and speaker closer to your mouth and ear.

The new phone also features a massive improvement in the self healing tech which debuted on the G Flex - this time scratches to the rear plastic case heal completely in as little as 10 seconds while the phone is at room temperature. Which is very space-age indeed.

In terms of specs, the G Flex 2 will be the first available smartphone to use Qualcomm's brand new 810 Snapdragon processor, which provides 64 bit power in your hand. The rear camera is a 13MP snapper which promises super-fast focussing and performance and there's a 2.1MP unit on the front.

Apart from the processor, you'll find 2 gigs of RAM inside and 16 or 32 gig storage options. The battery is 3000 mAh and supports quick charge, provided you have the necessary plug.

In short, the LG G Flex 2 has amazing specs and the kind of unique look which will appeal to some consumers. Availability starts in South Korea in late January and it will be available around the world soon after that.

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