LG G Watch R is Going to be the Most Expensive Smartwatch Around


LG G Watch R is Going to be the Most Expensive Smartwatch Around

The LG G Watch R hasn't got a release date yet but its already looking like a seriously desireable wearable, especially as Motorola's 360 has yet to see the light of day. And it sounds like its got a serious price to match.

A press release from LG's German office revealed that the new wearable will retail for €299 in Europe. The text was quickly edited but there's no reason to doubt it was correct and all will be confirmed in just a few short hours at IFA 2014.

€299 is a full 100 quid more expensive than the official price for the original G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live - the only wearables currently sporting Android Wear. A higher price was expected for the G Watch R, it certainly looks far slicker than its older sibling and comes with a calfskin strap included in the case as well as that proprietary rounded screen.

So far, people seem fairly ambivalent about wearables - they don't seem to do very much and they often do them in a way that's more painful than just reaching into your pocket for your phone. We don't yet know if the G Watch R will change that but its very likely to be functionally identical to LG's original effort, which didn't earn rave reviews.

If that's the case, the higher price will serve as a much more significant barrier to entry for first time adopters. Maybe 2014 isn't going to be the year of the wearables after all.

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