LG G Watch R is On Sale Today!


LG G Watch R is On Sale Today!

The wearable market is about to get even more competitive, as the LG G Watch R is finally out in the wild.

It debuted on the American Google Play store yesterday, priced at $299. It's the follow up to the LG G Watch which launched just a few weeks back, with the original reviews strongly suspecting that it was rushed to market. With the G Watch R, Android Wear has had a little time to mature and, most importantly, LG has finally taken aesthetics into account.

So rather than a hunk of squarishplastic on your wrist, the G Watch R has a totally round watch face, even more circular than that featured on the Moto 360. That makes for a device which is much more similar to an actual watch and much more visually attractive, something which is important in a device you're meant to wear all day.

The $299 price tag makes the LG G Watch R the most expensive Android Wear device currently on the market, and with a calfskin strap included as standard its seems pretty clear that LG wants to retain that premium look and feel. Otherwise, the specs are quite similar to the G Watch, though the new device has a slightly larger battery.

LG has promised that the G Watch R will be available in Ireland and the UK in early November, more as we get it.

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