LG G5 screen will be always on


LG G5 screen will be always on

LG has a major announcement set for the 21st of February, right before Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. We already know that they're going to show off the new LG G5, and now there's even more information on what to expect.

It seems the G5 is going to sport an always on screen, or at least that's what seems very obvious from this offically released video.

What does that actually mean? It looks like a small part of the screen will constantly display some information, even when the phone is locked. The time and date are permanent fixtures, while other elements like messages, missed calls and more could pop up when appropriate. It's a handy way to get information from just a glace at the screen, and something which we're hearing could also pop up in Samsung's upcoming S7 handset.

It's not known quite how this will work in practise, partcularly when it comes to potentially constant battery drain, but expect plenty of information from LG on the 21st of February 2016.

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