LG G5 SE confirmed - smaller and cheaper


LG G5 SE confirmed - smaller and cheaper

LG has just released the G5 which has all kinds of fun additions like dual cameras and the ability to add an extra camera grip.

In recent weeks we've been hearing rumours about a possible G5 SE variant which would offer a smaller size and a cheaper price and now that handset has been revealed via a listing on a Russian site.

It has since been removed but it turns out the SE version of the handset is very similar - it has the same 5.3 inch screen and camera set up, and also includes the same modular design. There are just a few downgrades to a slightly slower processor and 3 gigs of RAM instead of 4.

The SE still sounds like a very capable phone, and it will certainly cost a little less money. What isn't quite so clear is whether the handset will be relaesed everywhere or just in areas like Russia to appeal to a lower price market. More as we get it.

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