LG Launching New Fitness Products on May 18th


LG Launching New Fitness Products on May 18th
Heart Rate Earphones and Lifeband set for launch this week...

As the wearable technology race heats up, LG has confirmed that it'll be dipping its toes into the fitness side of the market next week with the launch of two brand new products; the Lifeband and its Heart Rate Earphones.Focused on fitness fanatics, the two products were debuted at CES back in January, and they both remain relatively unchanged since they were unveiled.

The Lifeband takes a similar approach to the popular FitBit Force, offering users a flexible bannd and slimline OLED screen, as well as an altimeter and accelerometer to deliver up to the minute reports on exercise performance. The device can also connect to your smartphone, displaying incoming calls and texts and controlling your music at a touch, while the battery is said to be good for up to five days on a single charge.The Heart Rate Earphones allow users to, unsurprisingly, keep track of their heart rate adding another option for fitness enthusiasts to monitor their performance throughout their exercise sessions.

Both devices are set to launch on the 18th of May in North America, followed closely by a European launch, although no prices have yet been announced.

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