LG shows off paper thin rollable screen


LG shows off paper thin rollable screen

It's CES week, which means its time to see a lot of new and emerging technology that's set to be shown off during the event in Las Vegas.

This year, LG is bringing some interesting and familar tech in the form of an 18 inch OLED panel. Sounds pretty normal? Well this screen is incredibly thin and can be rolled up just like a piece of paper. The panel is will be exhibited at CES and will be just one of many exciting innovations the company is including this year.

Having a screen that's thin, light and flexible massively increases its potential applications - like having a phone which can fold or being able to browse through a whole book on a single powered sheet. It's early days for these kinds of displays but it's likely that we're going to see a lot more of them over the next few years.

Wearables and 4K video have been big buzzwords at CES in the past and while paper thin displays will certainly be popular it's likely to be 8K and HDR which grab a lot of the limelight this year, on top of a slew of new releases and even some technology which will available to mere mortals in 2016.

CES runs from the 6th to the 9th of January 2016.

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