LG will have two new phones in 2016


LG will have two new phones in 2016

We had previously reported on the rumour but LG has officially confirmed that it will release two smartphones in 2016.

The news comes amid reports of falling profits for the Korean tech giant, as they barely managed to grow their smartphones sales in 2015. Still, the company is pushing ahead, noting that two major flagships will arrive in the coming year, alongside a more competitively priced range.

LG's hasn't spent much time dabbling in the more affordable market but with their engineering smarts it might be the perfect time to get in on that mid range action. It's a huge growth area for smartphones, as handsets with fairly high specs and lower rates - like the Moto X series and OnePlus range - are starting to dominate the market. There's still room for the premium brands but sell through is lower, unless your Samsung or Apple.

On the other hand, the importance of emerging and developing markets means that there's also money to be made on the low end, with decent handsets that foreground elements like battery life and reliability. LG has the technical chops to move in these directions but in the meantime it's also going to cater to those premium-level consumers.

Expect more news from LG at Mobile World Congress in February.

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