M3D Launches $199 3D Printer Kickstarter


M3D Launches $199 3D Printer Kickstarter
Who said 3D printing had to be expensive?

M3D has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a $199 3D printer, dubbed The Micro, which is set to start shipping around February of next year. The device, which cuts a few corners in terms of quality in order to provide an affordable 3D printing service to amateurs and keen DIY-ers has already proven to be a huge success on the crowd funding website, bypassing its original $50,000 goal in just 11 minutes.

The way the Kickstarter campaign is structured will see the earliest adopters able to pick up one of the first run devices for just $199, while that'll increase to $249 and then $299 as the cheaper pledge options run dry.

The device certainly isn't going to be for professionals who require 100% accuracy from their 3D printing, but rather for home users who are intrigued by the technology and those who are interested in having the ability to print off small colourful items with relative ease for a low cost.

It's definitely a step in the right direction for 3D printing, and with several other companies taking the approach that low-cost 3D printers will help to kickstart the consumer side of the market, this definitely isn't the last such device we'll see at this price point!

If you want to back the project, you can do so at its Kickstarter page, which has already seen almost $250,000 of pledges on the first day.

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