Major Skype crash bug found on all platforms - here's how to fix it!


Major Skype crash bug found on all platforms - here's how to fix it!

Just days on from the news that iOS messenger could be taken down with a simple text string, it has emerged that Skype has its own issues.

Reports are suggesting that sending or receiving the text http://: is enough to totally crash the program if you're on Windows. You can send it on iOS and Android with no problems but if you're on the receiving end you're in a spot of bother.

Venturebeat has tested a number of scenarios and found that the bug is rampant, though seems to have skipped the MacOS versions of the app so far. If you want to fix it, you have to make sure the original sender has deleted the offending message and then go online and find an older version of Skype to install.

If this has happened to you on iOS or Android, you're out of luck for the moment. You'll have to wait until Microsoft gets a new version of the app out to all users - they've issued a statement saying that they're working on it now.

To those who now think it might be funny to take down their friends Skype remember that many use the software to keep in touch with friends and family or for work purposes so maybe think twice before you send on the bugged text.

We'll have more when there's an update.

Major Skype crash bug found on all platforms - here`s how to fix it! on
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