Man steals iPad – then uploads selfies to victim's iCloud


Man steals iPad – then uploads selfies to victim's iCloud

Thieves are taking their own mug-shots these days, it seems. If you are going to steal an iPad, you may want to disable the backup of photos to the cloud.

Ray James, a 65-year-old living in Bath, was in Dublin on holidays in October when his iPad was stolen from him. He said that he went to take a camera from his bag and accidentally dropped it. He added, “I picked it up and carried on. About an hour later I realised that my iPad was missing. I started doing all sorts of things, ringing around everywhere I’d been but it was nowhere to be seen.”

He reported the matter to the gardaí, but followed it up with some detective work of his own when he returned home. He used the ‘Find my iPhone’ app and saw that it was at a place in Old Cabra Road, Dublin. Then he browsed his saved photos on iCloud, only to find that there were pictures of people he did not know, including some selfies of the man who is believed to be in possession of the iPad.

James said, “What I’m assuming is that whenever this guy takes a picture it sends it up to my iCloud, so I’ve now got these pictures. There’s another one of him lying on his back and taking pictures of himself. There’s one of him where he is posing nicely in front of the camera. It’s a classic picture – you couldn’t take a better one yourself.”

The 65-year-old has reported each bit of new information to the gardaí as it has come to light. However, James said that he is yet to hear back from them. James informed The Irish Times that a detective is yet to be assigned to the case. He said, “I have these pictures and I know where the thing is, and they don’t seem interested.”

Man steals iPad – then uploads selfies to victim`s iCloud on
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