Massive New SSDs Coming from SanDisk


Massive New SSDs Coming from SanDisk
Huge new storage solutions on the way from SanDisk...

If you've yet to make the jump to Solid State storage in your computer or laptop due to the relatively low drive capacities, then this news should give you plenty of food for thought. SanDisk has announced that it'll be releasing 4TB, 6TB and 8TB drives, starting next year, in its brand new Optimus Max Solid State Drive range.

Although the devices will be primarily focused at businesses for the time being, they could mark the beginning of a major shift over to more reasonably sized SSDs for consumers in the very near future, and although we expect them to beveryexpensive, no pricinginformation has been announced yet.

On top of the vastly increased storage sizes, the Optimus Max SSD range will also feature SanDisk's own Guardian Technology Platform, which allows users to stay on top of drive maintenance thanks to continual monitoring, error reporting and correction, data path protection and failure recovery.

SanDisk's Senior Vice President and General Manager John Scaramuzzo has high hopes for the newly announced range, saying:

Customers have been looking for a way to transition their data centers from HDDs to NAND flash, but have been forced to decide between cost and performance, or give up important functionality. The Optimus MAX eliminates the need for compromises. We believe that the Optimus MAX will be a disruptive force within the storage industry, catalyzing many organizations to make the switch from their HDD-prominent data center infrastructures to SSDs.

The Optimus Max range could be available as early as Q3 of this year, but a more reasonable target window extends towards the end of Q1, 2015.

Massive New SSDs Coming from SanDisk on
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