Massive petition begs Apple to keep headphone jack


Massive petition begs Apple to keep headphone jack

You've probably heard about it by now - the latest rumours are suggesting that Apple could get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why this might happen but one major one is that using the slimmer lightning port would allow the company to make an iPhone that's even more svelte than before. That's a selling point which the company has used before, and smaller phones are considered more desireable than users.

Of course there hasn't been any official word from Apple on the matter yet, but that hasn't stopped the public outcry against the move already. A huge online petition has popped up which is calling for Apple to keep their original design, and it already has over 300,000 signatures.

The page calls for Apple to keep the port for a bunch of reasons, including saving money instead of having to buy new headphones and also avoiding the huge amount of elctronic waste which comes from making a whole line of technology obselete.

It's a passionate call to action, but it's also both premature and naive. We don't know for sure if Apple is making the move to the new port, leaks have been wrong before. On top of that these same leaks have suggested that Apple would be including a 3.5mm to lightning adaptor in the box, making the transition a simple matter for users.

There's also the issue of timing - we generally get a new iPhone in September each year which is just a couple of months away. If the new iPhone 7 is going to drop the headphone jack, that design was finalised months ago and it's far too late to make any kind of change.

Time will tell, and this petition is likely not going to make a jot of difference.

Massive petition begs Apple to keep headphone jack on
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