McDonalds had free fitness trackers but they've been recalled


McDonalds had free fitness trackers but they've been recalled

So the good folks at McDonalds thought they would get in on the Olympics action by offering free activity trackers for kids in Happy Meals.

What a great idea- sure the little ones have to eat some pretty bad food to get one but its offset by a toy that actually promotes activity, something which is increasingly important in our sedentary lives.

These 'Step-It' trackers come in six colours and have basic functions including counting steps and showing how fast the person is moving. With a side of tech and a fun look, they're well designed to appeal to the target audience.

Except now the program has been canned because of an apparent skin irritation. A statement issued by McDonalds states they have been discontinued "after receiving limited reports of potential skin irritations that may be associated from wearing the band."

It's not thought many people have been effected but McDonalds has to be seen to be responding to this kind of issue and an alternative toy will be issued until the problem has been investigated. That's a shame as the idea was a positive one, and trashing those step counters is going to be a costly move for the company.

McDonalds had free fitness trackers but they`ve been recalled on
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