Meerkat ditches Twitter - now streaming to Facebook


Meerkat ditches Twitter - now streaming to Facebook

You may have heard of Meerkat recently - it's a live video streaming app which you can download on your phone, letting you send out a video of whatever you're doing to the world at large.

The app launched in Mach 2015 on iOS and Android and quickly started building profile, particularly for its easy way to publish streams on Twitter. Then Twitter bought the similarly featured app Periscope and blocked Meerkat's access to some of its features.

Periscope pretty much started to hog the limelight after that, gaining some traction with celebs like Aaron Paul. And now, Meerkat is set to move away from Twitter.

The app now integrates more closely with Facebook, letting you share streams and also access your Facebook contacts. That might make it more appealing for a whole new social media fanbase, adding to the fact that its also currently available on Android and iOS, with Periscope only on Apple's platform.

It remains to be seen whether regular users are even that interested in streaming videos themselves, or if it will exclusively an interesting look into the lives of the famous and only kind of famous.

Get Meerkat on Android and iOS here.

Meerkat ditches Twitter - now streaming to Facebook on
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