MicroSD is dead- long live ultrafast UFS!


MicroSD is dead- long live ultrafast UFS!

The days of the humble yet pretty darn mighty microSD might just be numbered, with the launch of Samsung's Universal Flash Storage.

MicroSD was introduced way back in 2005 and you'll likely be very familiar with these tiny cards that are popular for smartphones with expandable storage. They're the ones that seem to pop out all the time and are so small they easily get lost. You'll also find them used in drones, GoPro cameras and plenty more devices.

Samsung has just announced the next stage in personal storage with UFS. These new cards will offer up read speeds five times faster than the best class 10 microSDs and writing speeds at least twice as fast. What that means for you is less time waiting for your phone to access a file or write a photo.

In the short term, Samsung is intending this new line to be used by those using high resolution equipment like DSLRs and video cameras, where recycling time to the next shot is of utmost importance. It will also speed up copy times when users are transferring the files from one place to another.

More speed is definitely a plus, and storage options will go up as high as 256 gigs initially, with the only bad news being that this new format requires a new set of pins inside your device. That means hardware is going to have to catch up with UHS, and we're going to end up with more defunct tiny pieces of plastic cluttering up our drawers.

There's no word on when these cards will be ready for market, but maybe Samsung could introduce a slot in one of their upcoming phones like the Galaxy S8 in 2017.

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