Microsoft Could Announce Laptop/Smartphone Hybrid Today


Microsoft Could Announce Laptop/Smartphone Hybrid Today

On Wednesday the 21st of January 2015 at 9am Pacific Time,Microsoft is holding a major press event at its Redmond campus in Washington. Top of the agenda will be new annoucements about the OS upgrade Windows 10, including its expansion to more devices than ever before.

Microsoft is said to be gearing up to talk about the way Windows 10 can scale dynamically - from smartphones to tablets, laptops and maybe even TV's - with the OS being offered up to more and more developers and third party manufacturers. And another new rumour suggests that a brand new product could also be revealed.

The Information has suggested that a new phone/laptop hybrid could make an appearance at the show. That's likely to encompass a large-screen smartphone with some kind of integrated physical keyboard, something we haven't seen from a major phone maker (beyond BlackBerry) for a number of years.

It's likely to be aimed at power users who value productivity over slimline looks, though the advances in tech could make it a good deal smaller than previous versions of the device.

MS will also talk about rolling out a single integrated app store across phones, tablets and PC.

You can watch the Microsoft press conference from 9am Pacific Time [5pm Irish time] on the 21st of January 2015.

Watch it here.

Microsoft Could Announce Laptop/Smartphone Hybrid Today on
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