Microsoft Scrapping 2GB OneDrive Upload Limit


Microsoft Scrapping 2GB OneDrive Upload Limit

OneDrive has a 2GB upload limit on files. And in an age of Blu-Ray, Retina Displays and 4K Video, that’s cutting an awful lot of media out straight off the bat. Understandably there has been a fairly public outcry at this limitation. And Microsoft have listened.

In a statement made on, Microsoft state,

“As we mentioned on our uservoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts… We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog.”

Microsoft Group Program Manager Omar Shahine continues on the subject of the 2GB limit,

“It’s not arbitrary… It’s simply an old limit that we’ve been working on removing for far too long now. The good news is that we are actively working on this.”

So while it’s still not yet confirmed what the new upload limit will be (if any, given Google Drive’s 5TB limit) rest assured it’s on the way soon.

Microsoft Scrapping 2GB OneDrive Upload Limit on
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