Microsoft to Start Windows Phone 8.1 Support on June 24th


Microsoft to Start Windows Phone 8.1 Support on June 24th
Support set to run from June 2014 to July 2017...

Since the finalization of its takeover of Nokia's mobile division last month, Microsoft has quietly been going about the business of preparing for the launch of its Windows 8.1 update, and the latest announcement from the company focuses on its planned support offerings for the operating system.

With the roll-out of the major OS update set to kick off next month, Microsoft is set to start offering official support to users from June 24th. However that won't be of any real benefit to early adopters who decide to pick up the likes of the Nokia Lumia 635 later this month. These latest handsets will feature Windows Phone 8.1 as standard, and it's still unknown what exactly users' options will be should they run into problems with their devices.

For those of you who like to plan for the future, support for the operating sytem will come to an end in July of 2017, meaning a full three years of support is expected, which isn't bad for an update of an existing OS. By the time that date rolls around, it's fully expected that we'll be long-acquainted with Windows Phone 9, which should drop at roughly the same time as the company's planned Windows 9 home computer platform.

Users that still find themselves on the outdated Windows Phone 7.8 are advised that software support will end on September 9th, perhaps giving them as good a reason as any to take the plunge and update their handsets.

Microsoft to Start Windows Phone 8.1 Support on June 24th on
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