Microsoft Unveils DirextX 12 at GDC


Microsoft Unveils DirextX 12 at GDC
Pretty things are about to get prettier...

Microsoft has used the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco as the platform to announce the latest revision of its DirectX APIs. DirectX 12 promises to improve graphical performance across the board, including features like performance scaling andreduced resource overhead of as much as 50% for CPUs.The official launch of DirectX 12 is still quite a way off, however, with Microsoft targetting launch in winter 2015.

Those concerned that this announcement threatens to make their current machines obsolete were offered some promising news, in that any hardware currently capable of supporting DirectX 11 will most likely be fully compatible with this latest version - which means compatibility forNvidia cards as far back as the GeForce 400 series and any AMD card featuring its Graphics Core Next label, and only some cards in popular ranges like the Radeon HD 7000 and R9 series' will be supported.

Support for DirectX 12 will come for all the usual suspects, including AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia who Microsoft announced as supporting partners during the announcement.

Microsoft Unveils DirextX 12 at GDC on
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