MightyTV is like Tinder for TV


MightyTV is like Tinder for TV

We live in a world of almost infinite choice, and that presents unique problems when you're trying to make a decision.

Imagine the familar scene - it's a Wednesday evening and you're finished with work and dinner and everything else you really have to do. Surely that means some televisual entertainment is in order. But what do you watch? How do you choose from the bountiful premium offerings out there?

MightyTV could be the answer. It's an iPhone app which is designed to learn what you like and present you with the best entertainment options. It does this by presenting each user with a massive list of potential TV shows and movies at the start and three simple options for each - like, love or dislike.

Using this simple process it builds information on your preferences with every swipe, weeding out the genres that you're partial to, drilling down on your favourite actresses or directors and presenting more targeted choices over time.

There's a lot of functionality here, with the app able to filter by services like Netflix and Amazon and even by price. You can even use a function called Mashup to meld your ideal list with another person, and the software will do plenty of complex equations to figure out exactly what you should watch together.

It's a genius idea, and adding a sense of fun to how the selection happens, as well as total accessibility, could make the app really take off. It's currently only available on iPhone and is hoping to integrate with more services soon.

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