MIT wants to build a living chair with E. Coli


MIT wants to build a living chair with E. Coli
Using biofilm from E. coli combined with gold nanoparticles, researchers at MIT want to build a living chair that can mold itself to a person's posture using electrical conductivity.

It might sound like something out of the mind of a science fiction writer, but a research team at MIT think that they can build a living chair, constructed from the pink biofilm that is naturally produced by E. coli. Using the biofilm to build basic structures, the team was able to add gold nanoparticles throughout the structures, creating threads capable of conducting electricity. The point? To create objects that can recieve input from their environment and react accordingly. Researcher Timothy Lu explained to The Register that he thinks the technology could be used to create a living chair that is able to adapt to the posture of someone sitting in it. Sounds pretty freaky, I wonder if it smells at all?

MIT wants to build a living chair with E. Coli on
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